The Ultimate Label Maker for Windows!

If you're looking for labeling software that allows you to label everything, you have come to the right place. SureThing Office Labeler is the ONLY desktop software which supports ALL Avery sheet-fed label and card products (and Avery compatibles). SureThing labels everything, including: address/mailing/shipping labels, name cards and badges, three-fold brochures, file folders and notebooks, stickers and decals, you name it, we support it. Check out the features below and give Office Labeler a try. You'll be glad you did!

Templates to Label Everything!

You want it? Address, Mailing, Shipping and Return Address labels, you got it! Business Cards, CD Labels, File Folders, you got it! Tent Cards, Name Badges, Brochures, you got it! And if you can’t find it, we have the Template Creation Wizard that makes adding custom templates a snap.

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The Power of Merge

Merge text and images into your designs with ease, saving you time and effort. No labeling software is complete without a powerful merge feature that lets your designs draw from a database, spreadsheet or text file. Our label maker software makes it easy! Drop in an entire address block with a single click. We even offer a powerful Excel template you can download designed to work seamlessly with Office Labeler and your contacts.

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Images are Everything!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so start creating impressive new labels with the help of our included library of high-resolution clipart images. Mix and match, blend with backgrounds, the sky is the limit for new label design possibilities.

Best of all, our new clipart library is built from Scalable Vector Graphics (commonly referred to as SVG). This means the images scale perfectly to your screen and printer alike, whatever the resolution. No more pixelated imperfections you often see with raster images. SVG images rock!

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SureThing Navigator

Your next labeling project at your fingertips!

SureThing Navigator is the hub for all your projects. Navigator lets you get started fast, providing you with links to your most recently worked on projects, find the right template for new projects, inform you of new updates, and much more. Never see a blank screen when you close your project, now you’re just a mouse click away from your next label project!

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Ever have trouble finding the right template that works with the labels you just bought? Worry no more! Built into Navigator is a powerful search feature that lets you find your labels easily using keywords and/or part numbers. Just look at the packaging for the part number (or Avery compatible number) and you’ll find the perfect match instantly.

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Export to Popular Image Formats

There are times when you may need to do high volume jobs using a local print shop. No worries, with Office Labeler Deluxe, you can export files to all the popular image formats. You pick the resolution, we do the rest. You can even export to PDF files.

It’s the best of both worlds. You design your custom labels just the way you want them and print to your inkjet or laser printer. Or export your custom design to send to a print shop. With Office Labeler, you’re in control!

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Rich Text, Text Effects, Circular Text and more...

Our labeling software allows you to have fun with text, making your labels creative and distinctive. Use any font supported by Windows or one of the elegant professional fonts included with Office Labeler. Create circular text, or add special Text Effects including angled, arched, and perspectives. True drop shadows give your text a rich look against any background or image.

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